Rustic Outdoor Pub

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Eclipse Development is thrilled to unveil a captivating project that epitomizes innovative design and craftsmanship: the transformation of an older house’s wing into a private, rustic outdoor pub. This unique renovation has not only redefined the concept of an outdoor entertainment space but also harmoniously blended it with the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, including a picturesque view of a Tchefuncta River tributary.


This rustic outdoor pub project involved an intricate process of detaching the designated wing from the main building, elevating it by 5 feet, and lowering the floor by 2 feet. Such adjustments were crucial to achieve an impressive 10-foot ceiling height, which enhances the pub’s spacious feel. Furthermore, Eclipse Development meticulously designed and constructed a wrap-around porch, integrated three garage-type doors to facilitate an open, airy ambiance, and installed essential amenities, including bathrooms and a custom-built bar. These elements collectively forge a seamless indoor-outdoor experience, inviting natural light and scenic views to become a part of the pub’s charm.


The choice of materials and design elements reflects a rustic aesthetic, with attention to detail that ensures durability and comfort without compromising the space’s elegant appeal. The outdoor pub serves as a testament to Eclipse Development’s ability to envision and create spaces that are not just structures but experiences, offering a perfect blend of privacy, luxury, and connection to nature.


Eclipse’s rustic outdoor pub project stands as a benchmark for transforming traditional spaces into extraordinary venues for relaxation and social gatherings. The addition of a wrap-around porch and the strategic use of garage-type doors exemplify the innovative approach to enhancing the enjoyment of outdoor spaces. This project is a celebration of creativity, showcasing how a vision can be turned into a reality that exceeds expectations, making it a truly unique space with unparalleled views and a distinguished character.


Inviting guests to this rustic outdoor pub means offering them an escape into a space where the ambiance, architecture, and the natural world converge to create an unforgettable experience. This project not only adds value to the property but also enriches the lifestyle of those who have the pleasure of experiencing it, marking another successful venture by Eclipse Development in pushing the boundaries of design and functionality.