Old Mandeville Acadian

Eclipse Development is proud to present the Old Mandeville Acadian, a recent addition to the historic lakeside neighborhood in Mandeville, Louisiana. This project embodies the essence of Acadian architecture while offering a custom-designed living space tailored specifically to the client’s needs and styles. It stands as a testament to Eclipse’s ability to blend traditional design elements with modern functionality, creating a home that is both timeless and reflective of the homeowners’ personal tastes.


The Old Mandeville Acadian project was a collaborative journey, with Eclipse working closely with the homeowners to navigate choices that aligned with their budget without compromising on the home’s beauty or quality. This approach included strategic decisions to defer certain aspects, such as landscaping and shutters, ensuring that the essential character and integrity of the home were maintained while allowing for future enhancements.


Situated in the heart of Old Mandeville, this Acadian home is more than just a structure; it is a haven for a beautiful family, offering warmth, comfort, and a sense of belonging. Its design pays homage to the Acadian architectural heritage, known for its practical yet inviting style, characterized by large porches, raised foundations, and a connection to the surrounding environment.


The successful completion of the Old Mandeville Acadian is a reflection of Eclipse Development’s dedication to client satisfaction and architectural excellence. Eclipse has once again demonstrated its commitment to creating homes that meet AND exceed expectations by prioritizing open communication and flexibility throughout the design and build process.


The Old Mandeville Acadian is a celebration of the rich cultural tapestry of Mandeville, LA, showcasing Eclipse Development’s prowess in crafting homes that resonate with the history and character of their settings. This project underscores the potential for contemporary living spaces to honor traditional values and aesthetics, creating a lasting legacy in the Old Mandeville neighborhood.