House came out great and we have features that we would not have had if it wouldn’t have been for Eclipse. They not only help build your design, but offer advice on how to make it even better.

Stephanie Osorno

Phillip’s design and craftsmanship are excellent. I’ve been impressed with his use of antique brick and wood inside the house. It really creates a distinctive and warm look and feel. And the price points for these details are great.

Todd Bouillion

For past several years Premier Pools and Spas has worked with Eclipse Development. We are always honored to be chosen to build a pool for one of their spactactular projects. Phillip Brodt has proven that perfection lies within in the details. The final project result always seems to far exceed original expectation.

Brandt Gilbert - Premier Pools

Capability. Integrity-Transparency. Quality-Design. As a local realtor I know that the home building process can very stressful for homebuyers. The leadership at Eclipse has done a great job building an outstanding team that makes the entire home-building process enjoyable. I recently had one my clients who just could not find an existing home they were happy with so I introduced them to Eclipse. Within 15 minutes my clients knew this was the builder for them. Their 20+ years of Design-Build experience and the transparency in their pricing model really do make for a smooth, enjoyable building experience. Anyone who is looking for an alternative to the more established local builders should definitely take the time to meet with them if they are even considering building a home. You will get a better experience, a better product, and likely a better price.

Clay Popham

We worked with Eclipse on a recent renovation of our church building–the cost was more than fair, and Phil and Dalton spent an incredible amount of time patiently planning the project and hearing feedback as it was going on to make sure it was what we had in mind. We’re talking a complete renovation of a building that hadn’t been touched since the sixties, down to the studs–building offices, pouring a patio, totally replacing the a/c system. They even helped us with some odd jobs at no cost. All of the workers were friendly, and we had no problems at all with them in our offices for six months. The finished product caused some literal jaw dropping when our people first saw it. See for yourself. Thank you thank you thank you.

Alex Brian

After almost two years of exhaustive research and countless interviews with prospective builders, my wife and I have proudly selected Phillip Brodt with Eclipse Development to build our heirloom modern farmhouse. During our search process, two of the characteristics we were looking for in a builder were excellent communication and attention to detail. Phillip is readily available for meetings and is always well prepared. He responds to our questions in a timely manner and consistently goes the extra mile to provide up with options to help us stay on budget. We are excited about this journey and fully anticipate that Eclipse Development will deliver an exemplary finished product.

Joe Rocha

We had an unconventional concept without detailed plans and specifications and Phil and the Eclipse team made it a reality, all the while maintaining a professional, courteous, and fair working relationship. That’s not typical in construction. Integrity goes a long way when working with contractors…and Eclipse Development has it. Great experience.

Dan Voelkel

Phillip and the Eclipse team completed a complex renovation of our 1880’s New Orleans Garden District Victorian in keeping with the style and high quality craftsmanship we expect.

Tim Walsh

Working with Eclipse Development was a wonderful experience. The team is professional and are well-versed in design. I am looking forward to working with Eclipse Development in the future, and I highly recommend their services.

Spencer Mizell - Resource Landscape

After living in our new home for 8 weeks I would now post our experience with Eclipse Development, LLC. First though I would like to state that this is our fourth home built and we have used different contractors for each home. With every construction project there are “hiccups” along the way. To me what separates contractors is of course the finished product, but also how they handle these “hiccups” along the way. We have found Eclipse to be the best in handling these lil issues and delivering a well built final product. I would like to also put a shout out to five of there subs that really stood out during the construction and fine tuning after we moved into our home. In the past we have found once you move in and an issue (usually adjusting something after used a couple times) comes up these subs or the contractor themselves are slow to react, but this was not the case. Eclipse was fast to respond and so were these five major subs or vendors and they are as follows: Dixieland Electrical (Willie Brown), Quality Plumbing, Burkhardt A/C (Tyler Bier), Poole Lumber (cabinets/ Cyndi Gattuso) and ADDA flooring.These vendors are professional and a credit to Eclipse Builders! Sorry so long of a post, in closing we would like to thank Eclipse Development, LLC( Phillip, David, Brian and Eddie) for there work on our home. The finished product is energy efficient, well built and was professionally completed in a timely fashion!

John Simon

Phillip has managed our construction projects, including some very complex and detailed construction projects. He has provided the vision in design and supervised every detail of the projects from ground breaking through project completion. We couldn’t be happier with the dedication and enthusiasm he shows toward all aspect of the project.

Michael Blue

The guys of Eclipse just completed my dream house! They added close to 1000 sq ft of living onto my approximately 1200 sq ft house. It was difficult because most add-on’s plans do not always line-up perfectly but they were able to make the calculations and create a safe and beautiful home for me and my family. I had contacted 4 other contractors before God sent these wonderful men into my life. The other contractors were not reliable, often dodging my phone calls and coming up with an unrealistic bid. Often in the construction industry it is difficult to find reliable, Godly men but we were blessed to have them. Phil, Dave, Dalton and crew have become a part of our family and it is almost sad to be finished because now we won’t get to see them as often. I highly recommend these Godly men for any project you may have at your home, whether it’s starting from scratch and building a new home or adding on to your existing home!

Angela Hord