Louisiana Outdoor Living Area

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Eclipse Development, a distinguished leader in the custom home building industry in the Greater New Orleans Metro Area, recently completed an exceptional project, transforming a flood-prone riverside property into a magnificent Louisiana outdoor living area. This venture was sparked by the homeowner’s desire to preserve the existing great room while converting the remaining space into an unparalleled outdoor entertainment and relaxation sanctuary.


Eclipse’s comprehensive design-build services were instrumental in realizing this vision, resulting in a seamless blend of Tuscan style with modern functionality. The project highlights include a state-of-the-art, high-efficiency pizza oven that epitomizes Eclipse’s commitment to creating spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. The oven allows gourmet pizzas to be prepared in minutes, enhancing the entertainment experience.


The design meticulously integrates durable materials and sophisticated landscaping to ensure the space is both beautiful and resilient, capable of withstanding the challenging Louisiana climate. Stone pathways, custom-designed outdoor furniture, and strategic lighting were employed to create an inviting atmosphere that encourages outdoor living year-round.


In addition to these features, the project also focused on flood resilience. By elevating certain areas and using water-resistant materials, Eclipse Development ensured that the beauty and functionality of the space would endure through adverse weather conditions. This forward-thinking approach not only addresses the immediate needs but also secures the investment for the future.


This project showcases Eclipse’s unmatched expertise in creating a Louisiana outdoor living area that is not just an extension of the home but central to the homeowner’s lifestyle. By turning a flood-prone challenge into an opportunity for innovation, Eclipse demonstrates its ability to deliver bespoke solutions that enhance people’s enjoyment of their outdoor spaces.


This transformation goes beyond mere aesthetics; it is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and quality construction to create spaces that bring people together, foster connections, and celebrate the outdoor lifestyle unique to Louisiana. Through projects like these, Eclipse Development continues to set the standard for luxury outdoor living areas in the Greater New Orleans Metro Area.