Abita Springs Raised Farmhouse

Eclipse Development is thrilled to introduce our latest new construction gem: a raised farmhouse in the historic heart of Abita Springs, LA. Crafted under the visionary design of renowned architect Ron Blitch of Blitch Knevel Architects, this residence stands as a testament to architectural brilliance and deep respect for the town’s historical preservation standards.


Set in the picturesque landscape of Abita Springs, this home marries the timeless allure of farmhouse aesthetics with the demands of contemporary luxury. Its raised design not only nods to the traditional architectural styles of Louisiana but also offers practical benefits against the region’s climatic challenges, ensuring comfort and durability through every season.


Central to the design is a commitment to honoring the historical integrity of Abita Springs while infusing the home with modern amenities and design principles. The result is a living space that feels both classic and forward-thinking, inviting its residents to enjoy the best of both worlds. From the spacious porches that embrace the home’s exterior to the thoughtful layout that maximizes light and airflow within, every detail has been meticulously planned to enhance the living experience.


The collaboration with Ron highlights Eclipse Development’s dedication to quality and authenticity, ensuring that the home not only meets but exceeds the rigorous historic preservation and construction standards set by the community. This approach has yielded a dwelling that is not just a place to live but a piece of the town’s rich cultural tapestry.


The raised farmhouse in Abita Springs represents an ideal blend of heritage and innovation, offering a unique opportunity to reside in a home that is deeply rooted in the area’s history yet fully equipped for the modern lifestyle. Eclipse Development invites you to explore this exceptional residence, a symbol of their commitment to crafting homes that celebrate the beauty of Abita Springs’ past while embracing the possibilities of the future.