The Georgian

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Eclipse Development is proud to present “The Georgian,” a distinguished residence that stands as an early exemplar of Phillip Brodt’s craftsmanship and architectural vision. Located in the vibrant heart of Mandeville, LA, this home not only captures the essence of Georgian architecture but also embodies a unique blend of tradition and modern comfort over its expansive 4,600 square feet of living area.


This home is notable for its generous incorporation of reclaimed materials, imbuing the structure with a sense of history and character. The use of used brick from a South Carolina warehouse lends the exterior a rustic charm, while interior elements like cypress beams and heart pine flooring add warmth and a rich texture to the living spaces. Custom stairs, a focal point of the home’s design, showcase the meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship that Eclipse Development is known for.


Beyond its aesthetic allure, the home was designed with functionality and family living in mind. It features a spacious playroom and a state-of-the-art home theater, providing ample space for entertainment and relaxation. Large front and rear porches extend the living area outdoors, offering a perfect setting for gatherings or quiet moments of contemplation, further enhancing the home’s appeal as a comfortable retreat for family and friends.


These architectural and design elements combine to make “The Georgian” more than just a house; it’s a sanctuary that offers a luxurious and comfortable living experience. Each choice, from the reclaimed materials to the thoughtful layout, contributes to a home that is both elegant and inviting.


“The Georgian” in Mandeville, LA, stands as a testament to Eclipse Development’s ability to create homes that resonate with beauty, functionality, and a deep respect for architectural heritage. It invites those who enter to experience a space where history is preserved and modern living is celebrated, making it a cherished addition to the Mandeville community.