Italianate Style Sanctuary Home

Eclipse Development is thrilled to showcase a remarkable achievement in architectural design: the Italianate Style Sanctuary Home, nestled in the prestigious Sanctuary Subdivision in Mandeville, Louisiana. This project stands as a testament to Eclipse’s expertise in crafting homes that not only pay homage to historical aesthetics but also offer the pinnacle of modern luxury living. The Italianate style, flourishing in the mid-to-late 1800s and becoming a significant architectural movement in New Orleans, is celebrated for its ornate beauty, drawing from the Victorian era’s rich design lexicon. This style, with its distinctive Corinthian columns, intricate corbels and brackets under eaves, and elegant parapet walls, is perfectly embodied in this Mandeville residence.


Eclipse Development took great care in constructing this Italianate Style Sanctuary Home, ensuring every element from the Victorian design aesthetic was intricately integrated while infusing the structure with contemporary conveniences and finishes. The result is a home that not only reflects the grandeur and elegance of the Italianate style but also meets the demands of today’s sophisticated homeowners. From the imposing columns that welcome visitors to the meticulous details that adorn the eaves and walls, each aspect of the home contributes to a sense of historical reverence and modern elegance.


Located in The Sanctuary Subdivision, this Italianate Style Sanctuary Home benefits from a backdrop of serene Louisiana landscapes, enhancing the property’s allure with natural beauty. The choice of this architectural style pays tribute to New Orleans’ rich cultural heritage, resonating with the historic Uptown/Irish Channel, Marigny/Bywater, Treme, and Mid-City neighborhoods, where the Italianate style once flourished.


Eclipse Development’s dedication to excellence is evident in every facet of this Italianate Style Sanctuary Home, from the selection of materials to the precision of the craftsmanship. This project not only enriches the architectural diversity of Mandeville but also offers a living experience that is unparalleled in its beauty, comfort, and historical significance. Through this home, Eclipse Development has once again demonstrated its ability to bring visions of architectural artistry to life, creating spaces that are as timeless as they are inviting.